Roger J Bass Consulting


Executive Search

  • Prepare the school for the search
  • Clarifiy needs
  • Create and distribute position paper
  • Identify and screen candidates to create a strong pool
  • Guide the process of the search committee
  • Check references, including criminal history checks
  • Manage communication during the search and transition
  • Assist the board with issues related to compensation, the employment contract, and the transition of leadership


  • Facilitate Board Retreats
  • Define roles and responsibilities of the Head/CEO and the Board
  • Facilitate decision-making processes
  • Facilitate the development of annual work plans
  • Work through issues relating to founders and long-term heads
  • Conduct focus groups to determine issues facing an organization and its head/CEO

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitate Board Retreat on issues related to the future of the organization
  • Conduct focus groups of stakeholders
  • Write drafts of the plan or assist the strategic planning with the writing

Succession Planning

  • Identify needs of the CEO/head of school and create a plan for smooth departure. This may be a long-term plan that could touch upon issues of compensation, notification, and support during the transition process.
  • Assist the Board in planning for inevitable transition to a new executive as well as clarifying for the Board how to assure a pleasant transition for the current executive. This might touch on issues such as fair treatment of the outgoing executive, the cost of a search as well as transition costs for the incoming executive.

Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Training

  • Provide a sounding-board and coach to an executive. This often occurs when a transition is being considered. The individual may self-refer or be referred by the Board.
  • Help an executive through issues of personal or professional growth.
  • Help an executive recognize and work through stages of adult development and/or advise on these stages as they relate to faculty or staff growth.

International Schools

  • Facilitate Board Retreat with special attention to the needs of international schools
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Initiate strategic planning or annual work plans

Board retreat, International School, Suva (Fiji)